About Unwilling Expat

In good times and bad, Sicily is the superlative of Italy. – Edmond Charles Roux (1966)

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My name is Rochelle Del Borrello and I am a writer, translator, blogger and journalist from Perth, Western Australia. I have a complex relationship with my adopted island home of Sicily, Italy and I still have much love for my antipodean home, even if it is too far away from everywhere.

Originally I began writing about the difficulties of being an accidental or unwilling expat in Sicily but now I think my life has become more about accepting and embracing life here.

So why was I such an Unwilling Expat? It wasn’t my intention to move away from home to start a new life overseas. I leapt into it for the sake of love and adventure.

Now after nearly fifteen years of living in Sicily things are less adventurous and I am looking for ways of appreciating this expat existence, sharing the difficulties and exploring the madness that is Italy, while also feeling as if I am part of the insanity.

I’m constantly surprised, overawed and infuriated with life in Italy so there will always be material to keep me blogging, perhaps forever…

Since my journey has taken me beyond my unwillingness I have decided to change my blog’s name and I am in the process of shedding my skin and becoming a new version of myself on a new site:

As of January 2015 I will be blogging from:
Thank you for following me on my adventures and I hope you will continue to check in on my new WordPress identity.
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